Frequently Asked Questions

You will not feel anything during the exposure. It is the same as having your picture taken with a regular camera.

We mainly use shorts and a t-shirt for your comfort, or you may come dressed with clothes without any metal. We have clothes to accommodate any age and body type.

Our clinic does not take x-rays of pregnant women.

To protect parents from exposure to radiation it is best if the parent does not go into the x-ray room. If your child wants a parent present, or needs help remaining still for the x-ray, you will be given radiation protection such as a lead apron, glasses, and thyroid shield so you can assist. However, most children are very comfortable in our setting, and we explain the process in an age-appropriate way.

Your appointment will take about 30 minutes. This includes the time to change, taking the x-ray, and time to answer any questions you may have.

The radiation you get from x-ray, CT, and nuclear imaging is ionizing radiation — high-energy wavelengths or particles that penetrate tissue to reveal the body’s internal organs and structures.

Heartland X-Ray uses digital x-ray equipment, reduces the radiation compared to traditional film x-ray machines.

Manitoba Cancer Care and the Government of Canada inspect our facility regularly to ensure safe levels of radiation.

Yes, we do take x-rays for WCB claims and MPI claims. You will need to know the exact date your injury occurred and have your injury claim number ready.

No, we will take x-rays upon patient’s request. We have a doctor on-site that will determine which x-ray are required for each patient’s injury and concerns.

If you are being treated by another healthcare professional, we can take x-rays for them.

Yes, we are happy to work with you, please let us know what views you need taken, and we will provide you with the results using a third-party reading.

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We’re available 6 days a week during office hours. In case of emergency, contact your local hospital instead.